Cough and drip for the 2 years she has lived with us. What kind of specialist should we take her to? Family doc is only giving her OTC meds that is not helping. Her cough is getting worse and she can use a box of kleenex in one day. I hear her coughing off and on all night. Primary care doctors has her on muscinex and nose spray and meds for acid reflux which I am not sure she needs. Also takes aricept and Vitiamn D.

As far as the nasal drip, I can tell you my mother, aunt and I all have (had) it. There was no cure and allergy meds just zone us out. The “drippage” can cause an irritated throat and a “tickle” that will result in an annoying cough. And, if I didn’t use paper towels and toilet paper in addition to tissues, I’d probably go through a box of tissues a day as well. My mom did. You get to the point that even if your nose isn’t running, you feel like it is.

If you are very concerned, ask for a referral to a pulmonologist if she is willing to go. You also might try some tea with honey for her throat and a humidifier for her room.
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Possibly a ear,nose,throat specialist although I would think the main doctor should be able to treat this. My conditions when experiencing this are always treated by GP and often in walk in centers. Hope she finds some relief.
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