Have very bad back and ankles can't stand long.

Hi, you don’t tell us anything about yourself on your profile, so it’s hard to give much advice. If you are on Medicaid, you maybe able to get some in-home assistance through them. If you’re a vet, you may get some help through the VA. If neither of these, you could check out You put in your zip code and what services you’re looking for and it matches you to people in your area that can provide them. I got quite a few hits when I was searching for a caregiver for Mom in a pretty small rural town. You may also want to check with your doctors office, who may have some ideas or referrals.
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Jt, what are you referring to in "big cities"? In-home care agencies? How old are you? What is your financial situation? Do you have any family support?

If you live near a church, even a small one (and even if you're not an attender) you should contact their office or pastor and let them know of your need. They may have a care ministry or may be able to find a volunteer or 2 to help you. This is more of a temporary solution. Eventually as your help needs increase you will need to have a more solid and permanent plan in place. Do you have any thoughts about this?
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