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They can't legally claim she's an RN if she is not. There are LPNs - that is between a Certified Nursing Assistant and a Registerd Nurse. But if the agency says she's a Registered Nurse, you should be able to ask for credentials. If you don't trust the agency, maybe you should find another one, since much of this is about trust.
Good luck. Just ask for proof if you need it.
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it is awkward to ask for credentials- when i do this- if someone is on the level- they answer these questions no problem- its
when i run into defensive attitudes, like- how dare i question them- thats a red flag for me- unfortunately my brother has thelegal control- and from where he is- hours away- he doesnt
see any problem- but then again he is a guy- and u know how they are- they cant help it, they are wired differentlyand most of the time ont get it!!!grrrrrrrrrrr
but thank you for your post-i guess i just have to keep being the pest and problem that i seem to have been labled-
what a shame- what does this say about us , as people, that if u show concern and interest and want to be informed, u are out of your league--
not so amazing why are in the mess we are in-
thanks again
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