My mother lives with us. She can no longer step over the side of the tub to get into the shower. I will have to take the tub out and replace it with a shower so that she will be able to access it. My question is: Is there any money available out there (eithrt some kind of grant or Gov money) to help me get this done.

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I have heard of handymen that help seniors in such a situation at a very decreased rate/almost nothing. Home Depot has a program I believe for elders and/or handicapped people who qualify. They donate material and workers donate thier time. There are many things available you just have to ask questions at such places reasearch in hardware stores etc. I believe boyscouts or youth groups may help elders with such things as a lawn cut etc.
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Is your mother on any kind of financial assistance now -- Medicaid, county or state programs for the elderly, etc.? If so, that would be the place to start. My husband's case worker just made a home visit and said to be sure to contact her when considering home modifications, because often some portion can be covered.
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