Does money paid to a family member for in-home care count towards Medicaid pay down of assets?

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I had a elder law attorney setup a Caregiver Agreement to deal with this issue. The agreement spells out exactly what care is to be provided & the amount paid for that care. You should keep very detailed records as to when, what, etc. care is being provided & the amount paid.

If the amount paid to the caregiver totals over $600 per year, you will need to provide a 1099 form to the caregiver & he/she will need to report it as income on their 1040 form.
as a family member taking care of my mother in tuscrawas county, is there any financial assistance programs available.
I am a 64 year old woman who lives on a SS income of $945 a month. My 43 year old daughter had major brain surgery on 7/18/12 in Reno, NV. She has no insurance and does not qualifie FL medicaid, only if and when she is approved for SSI. I am her sole provider and caregiver. She needs medication around the clock, payment for prescription medication, transportation to and from doctor's offices and hospitals. There doesn't appear that she will recover for a very long time; based on her nuerosurgeon's report. He removed a very large tumor (size of a lemon) from her brain on 7/18/2012. However, there is still a mass (tumor) that is wrapped arround her brain stem. To operate could be a life threatening, if not a total disabilitating issue. They want to treat it with radiation, but there's no insurance. I am left to support her entirely financially, medical needs, around the clock care. Am I eligible for any caregiver financial assistance? Please advise, and thank you
can i get paid as a caregiver to take care of my husband who has stage 4 cancer. i live in michigan
betawi, is your husband eligible for Medicaid?
I care my husband, he had colon cancer, diabetes, arthritis left knee, cellulitis, amputee right leg above knee, heart failure, high blood pressure etc, I help him take bath, , clean up after puppy, groceries, drive him to doctor etc. We try need help to DAD Program in texas but they told me not qualify for pay family take care him I real up sad because I need something for my self too, I want go work but I can not leave him because sometime his puppy more than one time and make messy.because he had colon cancer stage 3, I Real need help for programs who can pay me because I care him
terri33467: Can your daughter not get SDI....Disability? If you have filed paperwork for SSI, and they have not handled your case you need to find a Disability Attorney, they only received pay once they get your case settled. I filed for SDI and was turned down twice, and it took 2 years! I finally went to a Disability Attorney who filed the paperwork for me and we went before a judge and it was granted after almost 3 years. Do not mess around and wait all this time you need help right away. Attorneys who do this for a living know how to jump through all the "hoops" they place before you. They are doing this on purpose knowing that a lot of people will give up.
I was told by our Elder Law Attorney not to do that. He came up with better suggestions. You need to go see one and find out what you will need to do to put your Mom on Medicaid when the time comes. Do it fast.
Don't quit your job!!!!!! You need to use mom's funds for care and then apply for Medicaid for her.
what if family member pays other to be sitter with no 1099

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