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This question comes up from time to time.
Its my understanding that the supplement is allowed as an exempt expense. In other words when Medicaid decides how much of your mom’s income goes to pay for her NH care, not only would she be left with the personal needs allowance but also the funds to pay the supplement premium. There were things the supplement would pay for that Medicaid did not that was allowable in previous examples. It’s not like your mom is going to keep the supplement premium if she decides to stop the supplement. It would go for her care whether it was spent on the supplement or spent on the facility. Say she needed rehab. Medicare would pay their part, then supplement and then Medicaid is how I understood it. There might be a specialist that she would want to see that doesn’t take Medicaid but would take her Medicare and supplement.
Perhaps you could do a search on this site for “supplement”. There are some folks who have responded before who have had actual experience with this or actual knowledge of how this works.
If I were you, I would keep it. If it’s not allowed, you will be told.
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Medicare is her primary and Medicaid is her secondary. She does not need the supplemental.
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In my mom's situation, I asked her customer service rep and since she pays nothing for her Anthem Mediblue, she may as well keep it. Between Medicare, Medicaid and Anthem, she should have really good coverage for anything that happens.
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