She's complained about her downstairs neighbor spying on her and keeping track of how much water she uses. There have been other instances with other family members who she has said are being horribly mean to her... And I'm pretty sure it's not true....
Also, she's had trouble with two eye doctors and a dentist in the last couple years. Both eye doctors she had a full exam, got prescription glasses, and then said she can't see out of the glasses. With the dentist, she kept going to appointments and saying they weren't ready for her but she still had to pay, until finally she did she switched dentists because they told her they couldn't communicate effectively with her!
She is so strong and independent I haveno idea how to talk to her about my concerns!
My sibling semi-agrees with me that there might be a problem.

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At first I thought you might be writing about a relative of mine! She's severely paranoid, her standard complaint is ("insert name - father, mother, sister, cousin, uncle, son, daughter-in-law") is mean to me." By her standards, most of her relatives (at least the ones who see through her paranois) are "mean" to her.

She's been this way since she was in her 50's. We always thought she had some pretty severe emotional problems.
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ShesSoStrong, it's either boredom or it is time for your Mom to have a physical to see if there are any medical problems brewing.

At 76 she is still very young by today's standards [my Mom lived to be 98], and if it is boredom, maybe a senior center would be nice for her to go to each day, to be around people closer to her age. She needs some good friends to chat with.
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