I rent to pay my moms rent ...she comes up to me and tells me as she glances at her room mate she says shes the one whos been hurting me !!im already late for work but ask her what do u mean (momhas dementia)she shows me bruises on her arm .says she slapped and kicked her this lady sees her talking to me and starts yelling i know ur talking about me .comes to me and getting aggressive says tell them go ahead tell them y i did this !!cuz ur moms a whinier .whines about every thing thats y .they should put her on the street .a person who works there literally had to put her arm between me and this lady and escort her while raising theyer voice sit down sit down now ..kaiser found her this place because she was taken out of her home because of bad living cond ..shes been here for a little over a year .also about 3 months ago they said i need to find her a new place because she was shutting place down in forty five days ..Ill admit i have no clue how to go about this im completly lost ..the lady who runs it said she would help but hasnt mentioned it again about closing .accepts my moms 1500 in rent every month well hasnt mentioned it till today when this all happened ..I have no money .she gets 1534 a month they get 1500 of it that gives her 34.00 for any thing she needs .i only have a car once a week usually .so with no other place to take her money ..very limited vehicle use CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HER /ME. GUIDE ME IM LOST .DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO also they took her in thru in hosp social worker but we never sighned anything now they gave me these papers to be filled out one of them stating that this home is not a skilled nusing facility !!they Never stated that and y would kaiser let her go there ..she can walk .talk.feed herself and dementia is bad but not completly bad hope this makes sense.

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It sounds as though your mom is in an adult care home that accepts Medicaid diversion funding. Does mom have a caseworker through Medicaid? That's the person you need to be talking to.

The person who runs the home, is she shutting it down or is she saying that your mother needs a higher level of care?

She (the owner) must have contacts with Kaiser or whomever is funding these patients and should be assisting you in finding another place for mom to live.
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