She is not able to get into tub or shower. She does not wipe properly and has very bad odor. What type of cleansers do I use to get the smell away?

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Can you afford to put in a walk-in shower? A shower with a chair would be great. If you can't afford to put in a walk-in shower, she should be able to use a transfer bench to get into the tub to shower.

Are there any other things that make you feel she might fare best in a nursing home? Sometimes it can be the best choice for someone who cannot clean or use the toilet well. If you do not feel it is time, perhaps you can hire a professional to come in to bathe her. They can give her wet or dry baths. They can also teach you how to do a dry bath when they are not there. If she also needs PT and OT, bath care can be included in a package that will be covered by Medicare for a few weeks. If she doesn't, you can usually hire someone to do baths fairly economically. Good luck!
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BAD odor suggests an infection. She should see her MD or OB-GYN. The odor could also be coming from folds in the belly or under the breasts. For temporary clean up, give her some baby wipes and a good iodine based douche. Her MD can order an Occupational Therapist to teach her adaptive ways of bathing. She should have a shower chair and hand-held shower. Don't wait until you have to take her to the ER.
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