I have reported it to the adm. and they keep saying they will fix the stat so she can't turn it off. That was 2 weeks ago and nothing has been done. What can I do? My mother is 101 and is freezing.

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We went to the nursing home today and everything is fixed. They put something on the stat so the roommate can't shut it off or anything. She isn't happy but my 101 year old mom is nice and warm. The roommate has asked to be move HURRAH!!!!!!!
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Have mom put a bag of ice on the stat and she will get heat no matter what it is set at.
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Is your mother in a memory care community or assisted living? We have found that with our mother who is in memory care, we have to go to the head person. Either the head nurse or the person in charge of pubic relations/the director of the community. Can you move your mother into another room with someone who is more compatible with her needs? Your mother should be kept comfortable no matter what, I would think this would be very important to the director of the community.

Continue to pursue it as you are the advocate so don't be afraid of to be forceful.
Hugs to you!!!
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