Mom's neighbor is trying to take advantage of my mom with dementia. -

Mom's neighbor is trying to take advantage of my mom with dementia.


she's trying to get money out of her telling me she needs checks so my mom can make donations to her church for starving children. Telling her my dad who passed told her to take care of her. Omg this is not true at all. But my mom is believing her. What can I do. I have POA. And I'm on accounts. Should I move banks

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I'd immediately get checks way from mother for her own protection. If she asks, say you are out, more on the way in a few days. I might speak with an attorney to inquire about sending a NO CONTACT letter to this neighbor lady. She sounds like real trouble. Although, do you know for sure what you have heard about the neighbor lady is true?  With your mom's dementia, she may have the facts mixed up.  Of course, if she's taking money from your mom and it's obvious that she has dementia, that's a red flag.
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Ecorbett, since you pay the bills from your Mom's account, you need to have all her checkbooks and credit cards at your house. No more blank checks for Mom to use. If the church lady wants money, she needs to go through you. Give Mom some dollars and pocket change to have on hand.

I did that with my Dad because he was forgetting to pay bills... his caregiver would find current bills in the paper recycling... oops. Dad was more than happy to let me handle all the financial stuff because he knew he just couldn't do it any more.... [sigh].

You could change banks, I did with my Dad mainly because parking became too much of an issue. Just make sure to keep the old accounts opened until any automatic payments are taken out or automatic deposits are put in have successfully transferred to the new bank.

Sounds like you think it is time for Mom to be in Independent Living/Assisted Living. Take Mom for a tour of places in your area, most will give you free lunch if you call ahead. Who knows, maybe one of Mom's lost long time friend might be living there.
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Thank you so much for the most part I go to my moms at least 5 days a week my son goes 1 day on the weekend she is being tested now for her independent living skills and driving. In my opinion she should not be living on her own considering I do everything for her and it's starting to ware me out. I'm so afraid this woman is going to bring her to the bank and have her withdraw her money because I'm the enemy now she has twisted her thinking so bad. I do have POA and I'm on all accounts. I have already changed her mail considering I take care of all her bills. I wanted her to sell her house so we could find a house for both of us. But she won't do that. And doesn't want to live with me. And now frankly I don't think I could live with her. She has become very abusive not sure how much more I can take.
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Yes, change banks. Take checks and all financial information from the house. Change address on all accounts to yours. Who is taking care of your mom, daily? Sounds like it is time.
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