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Hi freqflyer!

First off let me commend you on embarking on one of the toughest jobs out there. Caregiver stress is real! I would encourage you to reach out to a senior living advisor, they will be located in your area and familiar with local resources that may be available to you. Hang in there, you are on the right track seeking advice and information.
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We need more info. How old is Mom and what are you asking of brothers.
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AnybodyOutThere, are the brothers not helping because this is a culture issue? Some cultures believe caretaking belongs to the daughters because the sons need to work to take care of their own families. Yes, I know, backward thinking.

Also, not everyone is cut out to be a caregiver. I know I wasn't. But I was able to find things to do to help that didn't require hands-on care.

What are the things you want your brothers to do for Mom?
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