My mom has dementia and lives with me and my family. When I am not in the room with her, making dinner, doing laundry, spending time with my kids, or any other personal responsibilities, she calls me in and asks me what I'm doing or says that she needs help. I'll tell her what I'm doing or ask her what she needs help with. She'll say she doesn't know what she needs. In the evening, when my family is home and requesting my time, she's calling me in every 5 minutes! Of course she doesn't remember calling me in 5 minutes prior. I'll spend 2 hours with her and then she doesn't want me to leave. But she lives with us, so I'm still present. Any suggestions? Thank you and God bless all of us who deal with the stress of caregiving!

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This was hard for me, being needy. I didn't like it with my girls and will back off when someone I know does it. I understood that a dementia patient feels alone, they know something is happening but not what. They are scared. Mom had a room and bath in our lower floor. I have a split level. She could see people go by her door so she knew people were around. We brought her up for dinner and TV till bedtime. The elderly like to be around kids. My Mom only lasted an hour anywhere.
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Worth repeating. And do not forget you can not reason with dementia.
We all do well to remember that.
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It may be time to find other living arrangements for your mom. Your first responsibility is your family.

You are right mom doesn't remember you had just helped her with something. And do not forget you cannot reason with dementia.
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