Has anyone heard of this. She seems normal most of the time but has done some very strange things. Mostly Made up some weird things about me that weren't true..
saying I said certain things that I never said....
She Really made me an enemy to her.
I said to her on the phone Mom can we stop this and bury the sword, your making me an enemy, can you stop that.. and she says to me "you stop being the way your being" and the personality seems to have gotten hateful and bitter towards me no one else is getting this treatment.I don't understand it the change .
I took her to the Dr. and she said I told her to sit down were not going anywhere real mean to her and I never said it like that.
She was having delusions about money and bank statements and birthday cards that she said I stole.
Just ripped me apart and I did none of it I could go on and on about the behavior she has done towards me saying things and really thinking things in her head about me that make me evil to her.
Is this common.
The relationship is gone at this point she wont even talk to me and I have been her closest ally in 10 years.
I don't get it

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Yes, I have this problem with both my parents, Mom 89 and Dad 88. I am an only child so in the last 2 years all I have to help is my husband. Now my husband is sick and I don't even have him. Anyway, we have bent over backwards for both of them and all they do is accuse us of doing things that we would never do. I am in much emotional pain over this which is effecting my health. Yes, from what I hear it is very common. They blame you because they are getting old and losing their independence. It is all your fault and you ruined their life. So they keep telling you. Dad has not spoken to me since Aug. 2013. Sorry can not even help myself right now. Very, very common.
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Yes, this is fairly common. People with dementia can create scenarios in their minds, then remember the imaginary one, instead of the real one. It is strange how the imagined one stays in their mind. The people closest to them are often the targets. I have been through this with my mother on several occasions, being accused to doing or saying things I didn't. It doesn't help to say it didn't happen, because she'll just argue with me. To her these things did happen. For some people it can get so bad that the parent rejects the child. It is painful, but as others said, it is just the disease playing tricks with the mind. The only thing I've found that helps in my mother's case is to reassure her that all is okay and that I would never do things to harm her. Maybe that would work for your mother, too.
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Your profile says your mother has dementia.

Yes, her behavior toward you is common. Sometimes it is a stage that goes away.
The paranoia is VERY hurtful to the family member, but try to remember that this is not your "real mother" speaking. This is the dementia.

Where does your mother live? Assisted living, her own home, with a family member, etc ?
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KS, I know it is hard but do not take it personally. Has anything changed with her medications? When is the last time she was checked for a UTI? It is possible that she may have had a stroke, which can cause all sorts of rapid behavior changes.
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