Mom's house is on the market. According to Medicaid, I have to list it at tax value for 12 months before I can reduce the price. Can I be reimbursed for expenses?


I am paying the insurance. After the sale, can I get my money back for insurances and home improvements needed to sell?

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If you sell while Mom is on Medicaid, she will be taken off of Medicaid and you will need to spend down the proceeds from the house. So, no reimbursement there. If you sell after her death, Medicare lean comes into effect. They will be paid first then you may be able to get paid back from what is left over.
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It’s going to depend on Medicaid rules for your state.
Medicaid really really tends to view whatever family does for a parent - whether it’s buying them new clothes or paying their parents tax bill - as done out of a sense of familial duty and without reimbursement anticipated.

Medicaid has you in a playing field they control as she chose to apply for Medicaid. Mom does not have to sell her home, she can keep it as an exempt asset for Medicaid for her lifetime. But if so family must front all costs on the property. If she sells her home, the proceeds from the sale of her property are viewed as completely her income/assets unless there is a lien on the property that needs to be paid in order for sale to go through or if Medicaid has a process for mom to waive some of the proceeds to pay you & you are able to provide whatever needed for the waiver to be approved.

I’d try to go through your states administrative code to see what might be waived. Like property taxes & mortgage payment is ok but repairs not waived. Then send a certified letter to Medicaid asking for clarification in writing from Medicaid in 30 days.

Why are you spending a penny on improvements? Doing anything to enhance property value doesn’t make sense to me. Doing whatever to keep it safe yes but upping value no. If the assessment on the property is whack, it might be better to spend the $ to get a licensed & certified appraiser to look at the place to get a more accurate value placed on house. Appraisal is a legal document and Medicaid has to accept it. Often elders have a home with decades of delayed maintenance and if the comps are homes totally renovated, it’s never ever going to sell at tax assessors figure. Plus you can use appraisal to challenge next years assessment to get house at a more accurate value. Could be significantly less.
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gibson, don't bother doing any home improvements, sell the house "as is". Unless you love doing this type of work yourself. You have enough on your plate right now.

As for being reimbursed, you would need to check with your State Medicaid office to see if that is allowed. Each State has their own rules and regulations.
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