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What can I do for my Mom's hallucinations from dementia?


They are getting worse also she don't sleep at night at all ive been up past 4days. She is already taking namemda but her hallucinations are getting out of control I've missed the psay 5days of work because of this I don't know what to do

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I made her an appointment with an Alzheimer's specialist hopefully this helps her primary doctor isn't really doing much
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It sounds like the hallucinations and the sleep problems are two different things. She sees animals or people during the day (which is very common) but that isn't what is keeping her up at night.

At night, when she can't sleep, she has delusions that she is not in her own home. This is a common delusion, alas.

Talk to her doctor about the importance of helping Mom sleep through the night. That sounds like the more serious problem right now. If my husband's doctors hadn't been able to solve that for us I simply would not have been able to keep him at home with me. You cannot be a caregiver without sleep.

The fact that one drug made things worse doesn't mean that no drug will work.
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Doctor prescribed something that was supposed to help hallucinations n it had a reverse affect. They happen during day it night some of them bother her she will see people or kids or animals in the house I gave a aid starting Monday to come in during the day while I'M at work but honestly I think I might have have her come some evenings to just so I can get some sleep like my mom is up right now at 1am packing stuff up because she doesn't believe she is at home and I have to go behind her and try to put everything back
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Have you discussed this with her doctor? An additional drug may help.

Do the hallucinations bother her? (Some hallucinations are pleasant.) Do they occur at night? Are they what keep her (and you) up at night?

As you know, you cannot continue in a caregiving role (or much of anything else) without sleep! While you are dealing with the doctor, can you bring in someone to care for your mom, either all night or for a period during the day when you just sleep?

Call her doctor and start working on it from that end.
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