The sister who financially devastated my mother's nest egg by giving it to her derelict brother, a jobless failed recovering addict, to the tune of almost 25% of her net worth threw up her arms after a five year stint of scorched earth and neglect (fiscal) and dumped it all on my doorstep abruptly. POA, Medicare, Health Care and Housing (Assisted Living) the whole enchilada!

But no problem as I am very interested in Mom's well being and took the baton in stride. But, there is always a but, now six months later that same sister wants to disturb Mom's first six months in her newest assisted living facility. (She moved Mom through 3 AL's in two years! now she lives in Florida and has now moved her from Virginia.) This is being done within the critical acclamation period for Mom. Mom is barely involved in the community. She is also very uncomfortable with new comers. She is basically a loner. But sister has the idea to take her again away from her new environment and drop her off after reorienting her for four weeks at her house in Vermont! Not a good scenario, so I believe.

Any way, as POA, I must have some right to refuse my sisters initiative? Can't I just say no? Mom isn't very able to do so herself as she is easily manipulated and convinced in her current confused early Alzheimer's status.

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Was ur Mom able to revolk the sisters POA and assign u or were u secondary.

Yes, if Mom cannot make an informed decision then as POA u have to protect her and her money. I hope you changed the accts.
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I believe that since Mom is not competent to make her own decisions, your POA is in full effect and all transfers and moves must be approved through you. The nursing home must notify you of any attempts to relocate her. You can speak with the administrators of her newest facility and insist you be notified of any attempts to take Mom out of the current facility. Worse comes to worst, you can always swear out a restraining order against your sister.
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JoAnn29 Jun 2019
She can tell the AL who is not allowed to remove Mom. I filled out papers for this.
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