My mother is 95 and living in a Senior Living Residence. Her left hand is contracted. Someone would have to pry her fingers open to get her rings off. The administrator told me too bad you should have taken it home. To me this is her home and she was married to my father for 74 years before he passed away. She has lived there for 3 year and this is the first thing that has gone missing. I am very upset with how the situation was handled. I don't want money. But to me this was a robbery and I feel it should have been looked into not told that I should have taken it home. I work at this place and am afraid if I push this any further I will lose my job. This administrator is new and very rude to the resident's and their family members. I have seen this first hand. The company has been called on her and she has told people " Don't think you can get rid of me I have friends higher up. I also know that a family member bought her dad a gift valued at $150.00 It was in his room. She took her dad outside for a while and when they came back in the gift was gone receipt and all. They were told to prove it. This is no way to treat people. I'm just sick over all this. I am now looking for a new place for my mother to live. I placed her here so she could be with me. This place is personal pay.

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