When hospice allows mom her 5 days of respite care in nursing home she always feels better. Then when she comes home with hospice home health care she goes back to being bedridden and depressed. She fell and went to the hospital. There she had so much energy. Back home and in bed.

Mom's first fall with hospice ended up having her in bed on medicine and staying asleep. I kept saying she had broken or cracked ribs with my own experience having 4 broken ribs. But was told by nurse that it's probably just bruised ribs. Finally she was better and up moving around. Then again she fell. So they sent up a x-ray tech. Yep it showed old rib fractures. And a partial collapsed lung.
Again bed and morphine. Took away her Norco. Mom would ask for the new medicine (Norco). It helped without making her sleep all day.
She went to hospital with this last fall. She was better. Had energy and mentally better.
Now she's home. In pain (nothing here to take for it) so again she's back in bed suffering with back and side pain.
Why is it when hospice steps in she seems to be worse?

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Maybe she doesn't need Hospice at this time. Since she seems better in a NH, can she afford to pay for one? Maybe a daycare?
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Starr, could be that your Mom liked being around other residents at the nursing home who were closer to her age group.
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