Hi. My mom who is in memory care is getting worse. Having a lot of outbursts. Cursing and agitation. This is so hard to hear and see. She is in hospice for the extra care and that she’s not eating. We are allowed Indoor visits and I just sit and try to communicate with her. But her speech makes no sense. They are adding seroquel as needed to control the outburst. The hospice nurse is on top of her medications. Making sure they are necessary. I don’t even know what to say to them anymore. I don’t want her over medicated. I guess I don’t have questions just wondering if anyone is going through anything similar.

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She’s on low doses now but having outbursts getting worse. So they want to increase. I have witnessed many outburst. Mostly when I go and try to take her out for a visit or to my house for holidays. She always would want me to come Inside. Didn’t understand about covid or the rules Now it’s more constant and for no reason.
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over-medicated: if that’s the case, it can be a real problem.

many side-effects.

what if the doctors/nurses slowly lower the dosage and stop some of the medicines?

some medicines create exactly the effect they’re trying to stop.

i hope your mother can have happy moments. she must be very unhappy (outbursts).

i’m wishing you and your mother well!!
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