My Mom's neurologists performed a memory test on her as well as what I call a physical/strength test. She didn't do so well on the memory test but did great on the physical/strength test. The neurologist said she had mild memory loss but no dementia at this point but would probably have dementia in the future. He ordered lab tests and and MRI. After the MRI my Mom was a wreck. She had trouble walking and upset from all the noise the MRI made.
Since then my Mom hasn't slept, she is delusional and she stopped taking her Clonopin. She has suffered from anxiety for ages. She is really paranoid now and left our home in108 degree temperature ending up at our local library about a mile away. She didn't want to come back inside our home because she thought we were all in danger of my husband and being that it was so hot I called the paramedics to come and take her to the hospital. She was so angry with me for calling and wouldn't allow the medical staff, including a crisis worker to discuss anything about her with me. I did get to see her release papers and saw that she was diagnosed with dementia and a bladder infection. They said since she is an adult and answered all the questions they asked correctly she is free to make her own decisions. She refused to go home with me but when she found there was no where to go she relented. She is also refusing to take the bladder meds that were given to her in the ER.This morning we are in the same predicament were in yesterday when I was hoping that we would get some help. I don't know how to make her get help.

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Delusions are very common in the elderly with UTIs -- even elderly who have cognitive impairment at all. When the UTI is cleared up, your mom will most likely go back to "mild cognitive impairment" behavior.

BUT ... if she doesn't take the antibiotic that chances of her getting rid of the UTI are small. I endorse Countrymouse's advice and suggest you get the medical team involved by hook or by crook.

I am sorry you are going through this. Keep us informed of how this is working out for you. We care!
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So, how long has this been going on?

When was she discharged from the ER, and when did she stop taking her antibiotics?

The thing is, that even though the ER has complacently discharged her as being competent, they discharged her - de facto - into your care, which albeit not in strict legal terms, does mean you have acquired some responsibility for her wellbeing, I'm afraid.

I should telephone the ER, ask to speak directly to one of the team who treated your mother, and explain exactly what is happening. Since they should be - but make sure they actually are - aware of all her various conditions they should be best placed to advise you what to do. Don't get fobbed off, either. Once you say she's not taking her antibiotics, she has a borderline dementia diagnosis and she appears to be delusional, they should have her back in so fast her feet won't touch the ground.

If the MRI was recent, it's just - just - possible that her ears, therefore balance and orientation, have taken a temporary battering; but don't quote me on that. I'd be on the phone again whining for help if I were you. Good luck, hope you get a better response this time.
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