Mom's buying hocus pocus pills and jewlery over the phone. Any advice?


Her banking in a trust, so I can't stop her..HELP

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0green1, you can't stop her, especially if she's an adult of sound mind. People who love to shop never worry if they will have enough money to live off of next month or next year.

Shannon, I wouldn't remove the land-line just in case there is an emergency, the 911 dispatch will have your home address already in their system, and the Paramedics can be dispatched immediately. With a cellphone, there isn't that option, and if the caller can't give the dispatcher their home address, it will slow down the response time, up to several hours trying to locate where the call is coming from.
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What do you mean by "her banking in a trust"? Are her bank accounts set up in the name of an irrevocable trust, of which only she is the signatory?

Is she buying these things through electronic checks?

Do you have access to her phone to put blocks on the numbers of the telemarketers or others who I assume are calling her, or is she calling them? If the latter, can you get the ads and marketing material, copy them and send them to the Attorney General of the state in which she lives and ask that an investigation be conducted?

You can add her number to the Do Not Call list, but I've found that most telemarketers ignore that and still pester me. However, action has been taken against some offenders. It's just a long process for the folks who handle these issues.

What are these pills she's buying, and how do you know they're "hocus pocus"? If you can get information on the suppliers of these so-called pills, you can contact not only the Attorney General for the state in which your mother lives, but the AG in the state from which the outfit operates. If it's an interstate transaction, I believe the Interstate Commerce Commission and possible the Federal Trade Commission has jurisdiction as well.

Unfortunately, it does take awhile for the federal agencies to move against people who prey on elders as there's a lot of legwork and documentation to be done.
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The very first thing that comes to mind...disconnect the phone and go to using cell phones. My mom could use a regular phone but was lost calling out on a Cell phone but could answer it. Of course she was mid stage Alzheimer's/front lobe dementia when we did this so I expect it would depend on your mom's ability. Just a thought.
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