Hi. My Mom was in a nursing home and my Dad got her on Medicaid using intent to return home than he passed away and the nursing home received his pension and social security. They never asked for more money but asked for her bank account every June. She had not a lot of money. I bought the house which was in her name and now she passed away June 6th. Her account has the money from the house. I haven't head from the nursing home! I am attempting to do an administrative process to distribute her money. Will the nursing home go after the money at a later date?

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If the nursing home care was paid by Medicaid, it will be your state's Medicaid agency that will be entitled to Recovery of funds from your Mom's Estate.

You mentioned that you are attempting to do an "administrative process" to distribute your mother's money. Is this a proceeding in Probate Court? Probate proceedings would require that you notify interested parties, and your state's Medicaid agency would have an interest in recovering any funds that were paid for care during your Mom's lifetime.

If you have taken on responsibility for settling your Mom's estate, you need to talk with an Elder Law - Estate Settlement Attorney now. Explain to the Attorney the real estate transaction that you mentioned. You do need representation and legal advice.
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You need to consult an elder care attorney to make sure that Medicaid didn't have a lien on the house since your father died before your mother did and the house was in her name. A lawyer that is familiar with MEDICAID rules in your state and can get the proper paperwork. You may not hold a clear title to the house if you only did a "quit claim" when you purchased the home from your mother. If you didn't keep her at home with you taking care of her, you don't get the caregiver child exemption. And if you try to distribute money from a house that Medicaid had a lien on to recover for your mother's care (Medicaid Estate Recovery Process - MERP) then Medicaid can and WILL come after you as executor if they had a right to the money. Check with a lawyer - it's appropriate to use part of the house sale money to verify status before distributing money.
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