This is what I found. Sounds like good advice.

“Reassure the Person: Throughout the day, remind the older adult that they are safe. Repeat phrases like, “Everything is okay,” “I’m here to help you,” “It’s good that you are here,” and “I love you” throughout the day. 

Routine: Establishing and maintaining a routine brings structure to the life of a person with dementia. A routine helps them to know what comes next and may reduce anxiety.

Egg Timer: If you’re having trouble even getting time alone in the bathroom, try using an egg timer. Set the timer and tell the person that you will come out when the timer goes off. Let the senior hold the egg timer and watch it count down.

.Make a Tape: An audio or video recording of a person or people the dementia patient trusts can help reduce the behavior by providing comfort. Ask family members and friends to record familiar stories and reminiscences, then play the tape when you need time to get something done.”
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