So sad to watch. She is 101.

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Hi Susanbarry,

Your profile mentions that your mother is suffering from dementia. As this disease progresses, patients often lose the ability to understand and use speech (known as aphasia). This can be frustrating and heartbreaking for everyone involved, but there are other methods of communicating that can provide comfort and minimize feelings of isolation. The two articles below contain some ideas that may help you continue to spend quality time together.

The Power of Human Touch

How to Communicate When Your Elderly Parent Can No Longer Speak

I hope this helps! Best of luck to you, Susan.

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Dear Susan,

I'm so sorry, I know its hard to watch our parents age and get so frail. Or see them get weaker and weaker. I know its hard to see this change. Have you asked her doctor to review her care? Maybe there is an explanation.
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Hi Susan,
This is definitely sad for you to experience.
I am not sure if there is a question here or if you just wanted to share your sadness.
This is not an unusual thing to happen but does not mean you should stop talking to her. Continue to tell her your news and events going on around. Read to her as well even if is only the newspaper. The sound of your voice will be reassuring even if she is unable to reply. If she is a religeous person verses from the Bible would be appropriate too.
This is part of the process as her time comes near to depart this life and be welcomed into the next.
No one wants to loose their mother but now may be the time to say your goodbyes and anything else you may have wanted to tell her for a long. time. A visit from a clergyman may be comforting if you have faith but don't do anything that makes you feel uneasy or that you think she might not like.
Unless a death is sudden as in an accident there is a period when the loved one seems to drift between this world and the next. Mom may be receiving visits from those who have already passed but is still in contact with this life. She may have a far away look or look upwards or over in a certain direction. Just hold her hand at this point and reassure her that she is much loved and will be greatly missed but when it is her time to go everyone will be there to take care of each other and and that when it is time she is free to slip away.
On the practical side make sure she is comfortable and well cared for and if she has been getting medications for pain that this is continued. Even though she may not be able to express herself inside she still has the feelings she always had. People will be praying for you both. God bless.
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