I care 4 her 22/7. She’s never in any pain and I am fine as well my brother and I both mean well. I like to judge how well she does with me whether or not to use walker or wc. Every day is different and I feel if when she and I do need it I would use it BUT #1 I FEEL it’s helping her to use what she still has and it’s not risky or painful at all for her I feel as a cna 20 years and a lpn now 2 yrs I’m doing the right thing by her but looking for some feed back please and thank u

Hi Dan,

My understanding is that you want your mom to do as much as you feel she’s capable of doing herself without assistive devices. My dad has always felt that way. “Use it or lose it.” He feels the more he uses the walker or wheelchair, the more he will depend on it. I understand the logic, but at 90 years old my biggest concern is safety. It IS risky because one misstep, one second of dizziness, one moment of imbalance can be disastrous. Then instead of talking about the walker, we’re talking about surgery for a broken hip or subdural hematoma, etc. In my experience, the elderly don’t bounce back to complete recovery from such events. They tend to domino into more problems. It sounds like you and your brother are doing a great job and love your mom very much. I’m grateful she doesn’t have any pain. Hopefully by keeping her safe, she never will.
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It is difficult to understand some of what you have written due to lack of punctuation and some abbreviations.
But bottom line for your statement.
As long as she is safe.
As long as you are safe
Continue what works for you but you have to be a good judge of when someone is getting tired and can not continue.
If at any time she does begin to fall do NOT try to stop the fall but guide her down gently. Then do NOT try to lift her yourself call 911 for a "Lift Assist".
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