My mom with dementia fell and injured her foot. Any advice? -

My mom with dementia fell and injured her foot. Any advice?


X-rays show she didn't break any bones but foot is badly bruised and swollen. She was dizzy before the fall but is really unstable now. She can't remember she has an injury and gets up to walk and loses her balance. I can barley lift her and we both almost fall over when I do. She won't use a walker since they are for old people. I've been staying up until 2am since the injury to help her get to the bathroom. Her dizziness isn't getting better and I'm not trained for this. I'm very afraid she's going to take a worse fall. Would a inpatient rehab be a solution to get real help such as physical therapy & gaining balance? It's a Saturday so I'm not sure if this can happen on a weekend or by her doctor with phone orders. Just a little background; 83, midstage Alzheimer's, dizzy last month or two but all tests were normal. Brain, heart & lungs, blood work perfect. She won't let me hire nurses aide & wants to go home. Any advise appreciated. I'm afraid disaster is going to strike!

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Is there someone who can take the night shift so you can sleep? Then Monday morning you call her MD and discuss rehab or other options.
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If she falls and you can't lift her, call 911 and have the emts take her to the hospital. It's much easier to have someone admitted to rehab from a hospital.

Your mother has dementia. She doesn't get to make the decisions about her safety. Therapeutic fibs " mom, the doctor says you have to have someone with you round the clock until your foot heals". " yes, insurance is paying for this".
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Karen, you have your hands full. My Mom was also a fall risk and she refused to use a walker, too. She didn't even want the neighbors to see my Dad using his walker outdoors. She didn't want anyone to think they were getting old.... HELLO, you both are in your 90's. Mom denied she was aging. But my Dad was more than happy to take any advice. Mom refused caregivers, too. But Dad wanted them, but Mom over-ruled him.

Have your Mom's doctor prescribe something for the dizziness as there are meds out there. In fact one over the counter is Dramamine Non-Drowsy which has the same meds as a prescription, but you would need to check with your Mom's doctor first. My Mom found antihistamines helped her with the dizzy feeling.

When one's parents is so very stubborn, it usually takes a serious medical event for them to realize they can't live on their own... or maybe not... [sigh]. The parent will continue to be in denial that they can't live on their own. Sometimes we need to force the decision if the parent is no longer able to make good decision.
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