This last time mom was in the hospital was the first time I noticed that she wasn't understanding questions from me or anyone unless they were right by her ear. The fact that I had been taking care of her for the last two years and hadn't noticed any hearing problems only steadily worsening dementia, confused me but it seemed obvious.

Now, although I'm still going to make sure she gets her hearing checked, I've started to notice what seems like incomprehension after a question I know she's heard. I've read too many similar experiences on this site. I feel soooo guilty because I used to get short with her when she would take too long to answer a question. Now I realize that it's probably her brain not being able to process as well.

Anyway I really don't have a question except to ask if anyone has noticed a difference in symptoms when they're loved one was fitted with a hearing aid?

I agree that a hearing exam should be done if for nothing else to check for wax.

You are correct in that is it hearing or processing. It takes a Dementia patient a while to process what is being said and to even comprehend it.
Medicare will not pay for hearing aides. The elderly do not to well with them if they haven't been wearing them for years. I have sat thru the exam with my husband. Its a series of words that need to be repeated back. Sounds that the person needs to understand to put up a finger when you hear it. Then its adjustment of the hearing aide. They are digital and adjusted using a computer. So again, the person has to be able to tell the audiologist if the sound is loud enough. Then its the fitting of the mold. Is the person going to be able to tell if it too tight. My husband had his shaved down a little. Then its can they adjust the volume with those little wheels?

My Mom never wore hers and when she did she pulled them out wrong. A man I know wife put hers in the microwave to warm them up.
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You could take her to her doctor for clogged ears. Some offices do schedule cleaning appointments. You can find an ENT office with an attached audiology service attached. Once ears are unclogged the ENT can do an assessment for any pathological process then send her to the audiologist.

You mom will have to follow directions and press a button for each sound she hears. She will also have to repeat words that the testor gives. Is mom able to comprehend this?

Yes hearing is important to slow the steady decline but you have to manage the devices so that they are not lost or destroyed.

Here is the next challenging part. Hearing aids are tiny and good ones will run a couple thousand. If she feels she does not have a problem, the challenge will be for her to keep them on, store and clean them properly and understand when and how to change batteries. Last important safety there a possibility that she would try to swallow the batteries.

My mom is very hard of hearing and non compliant. The last time I left her with the aids, they totally disappeared. She probably trashed them.
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It could be a combination of both physical and mental. Have you checked her ears for wax? My Mom always was able to hear a pin drop, and when I had to get right next to her to talk or she didn’t quite understand the question, I peeked in her ears with a flashlight and they were completely clogged. I now use an over the counter kit with drops for a few days, then have her NP flush them with hydrogen peroxide and it pops out. We have to to this occasionally. You may want to try that yourself, it could be an easy fix.
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