Mom will be 90 soon and has been living in a wonderful Board & Care in Northern CA. for 3.5 years after we couldn't care for her any longer in our home. She gets Social Security and a survivor's pension but that still leaves a monthly gap of about $2500 that is being paid with her savings. She has no assets and her savings will be gone in a few months. NOW WHAT?

My husband & I are both retired and live 13 hours away in AZ. Her Drs. recommend she not be moved if possible but how to fund the gap? 2 brothers will NOT help in any way. So much anxiety and stress trying to figure what to do! Any thoughts and recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Adults are not financially responsible for parents in CA. So, one less thing to worry about, Resentful2! Hope you can get some info and help for your mom.
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Have you done any research into applying for Medicaid? With no assets, that may be your best step.
Also, have you determined that children are financially responsible for her care in CA? If children are legally responsible I think that probably means ALL CHILDREN.
Get your facts together, and the burdens may not seem so overwhelming.
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