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Does Mom sneak food to them or does she feed them from a meal while she’s eating? Sending Mom or the dogs away probably won’t help as she will still do it when she’s around them. Plus doggie daycare is expensive.

I think maybe more supervision is the key here. Child locks on food cupboards so she can’t get into them. I think I even saw a refrigerator door lock at Home Depot once. Prevention is the key as telling Mom to knock it off won’t work if she has dementia.
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Does she feed them their food or just anything and everything? I'm not sure where your mom is in the disease process but if she can be convinced and then remember that only "this" container of food is good for the dogs or they need this special diet and you can at least control what they are getting it might help. Then you could try things like making available a set amount of food for the day so when it's gone that's it for the day or something. I know with my mom it's often a habit or pattern thing so if someone can be with her for several days to establish the pattern or habit she will follow it on her own then. I'm thinking having a dish of dry food for instance and giving one piece of kibble as treat only from that dish throughout the day so if the dish is put down and the dog finishes it then no more treats for the day either. I know this may be too much to get your mom to do but maybe some form of it that includes putting away the larger food supply where she can't get at it so you are controlling what is available. My grandmother used to feed the cat constantly, every time she went to the kitchen she felt the cat needed fresh food, it got really expensive as she opened multiple cans of food each day and I remember it driving my mom crazy! But my grandmother was just trying to take care of something/someone else rather being taken care of all the time so it was tough to tell her she was doing the opposite and I think we just limited how many cans of food were available to her and how much dry was in the bag, it helped a little but we were also fortunate that the cat didn't tend to over eat and would leave the food so it wasn't as unhealthy for the cat as it sounds this is for the dogs...
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Could you have the dogs go to doggie day care? Or mom go to day care? If you can't change the behavior, change the composition of the household. I'd get rid of (read that as find a nice place for) mom.
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