My mom has been newly moved to an adult family home. She is very confused and cries for me all the time. The director of her home wants her medication increased but her geriatric specialist doesn’t think it’s the right thing. She is difficult to manage because of constant crying.

Please I could use any help.

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I agree. You don't want your mom crying all the time. I can't believe there's nothing that can be done for her. Adding another medication or an increase in her dosage or a new medication altogether. I'm glad you're seeing her doctor tomorrow.
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We have appointment with her geriatric doctor tomorrow. I will see if that have geriatric psychiatrists in their practice. That’s a great idea! Thank you so much
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Is she seeing a geriatric psychiatrist? She may just need time to adjust but I would push for her doctor to explore different medications and/or increasing what she already has, although her caregivers see a behavioural issue relieving her misery is the main concern.
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