My 95-year-old Mom lives 1,000 miles away in another state, and she's in an independent living apartment in Section 8 senior housing. Her only income is $800 a month Social Security. She's all set up with Medicaid benefits in her state, which pays for a beloved homecare worker to help her out three days a week. Besides losing some memory, she's really OK where she is at least for now. I would like her to move here to my area to an independent living place so as she ages I can keep a closer eye on her, but according to my local geriatric consultants, independent housing managers, and state/city housing departments I've talked to, she will lose all her Section 8 and Medicaid benefits if she moves here. My husband and I can't afford to support her financially, and my worst fear is that she'll end up in a nursing home in her area with no one to visit her every day. What would you all do in a situation like this?

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The consultants are right. Section 8 and Medicaid benefits are run with federal dollars helping, but they are STATE programs. If you move your mom, she loses the other state's benefits and has to get "in line" in your state, which could take years to get back her housing. It is a hard decision - I would leave her where she is with supports in place, a worker who is already coming in and knows her habits, and begin a search for Medicaid pending facilities near you that would take her if she has a fall or other event that makes her eligible for a nursing home. We want them close, but you can't take away the financial help she has if you can't replace it where you are quickly. Lots of phone calls and good relationship with trusted caregiver are your best options right now with quarterly or 6 month visits.
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