The NH Staff lost her bottom dentures last month; I replaced them Monday. They keep changing her medication based on the resident doctor's recommendations. She was on Remeron which is an appetite stimulant that was prescribed by her Oncologist. Her depletion seems so rapid, I'm beside myself watching this happen before my eyes!!

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She has an oncologist? Does she still have cancer or is she in remission? I would think her doctor would want to know about the weight loss.

It could be her dentures were the cause. But, it could be something else. Are they providing her food that she can chew, is she able to put the food into her mouth and swallow, is she consuming enough calories, is she eating, but still losing weight or is she refusing to eat? I would investigate. The nursing home should be right on top of this. They supposedly weigh the patient every week and the problem should have been addressed sooner, it would appear.

Perhaps someone here can help you more, but I have read that if you lose a certain percentage of weight within so many months, it can be a signal. I don't want to scare you, but I would find the cause so you can prepare yourself and adjust her care and treatment, if that is the cause of the weight loss.
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