I can tell the carbon gases are building up because of her actions..

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By the way...since she has been home from the nursing home and is using the machine properly....she has completed several circle-a-word puzzle books and read three books!! She wears a hearing aid and is alert and engaging. I hope your mom will wear that mask and use the machine...:)
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My mom uses a bipap and, at first, it was difficult for her to wear hers too. I would suggest a few things:

1- Check with her doctor to see if you can have a representative from the company that provides your durable medical equipment come to your home to show a different array of masks to try on and see which one works best. I did this for mom and the one she chose is much more comfortable, fits better and she wears it all night.

2- Most of these medical supply stores have reps who are willing to show the proper use and fit of cpap and bipap masks. Sometimes having someone else showing her how its done will work best so she won't feel like you're annoying her.

3- If she is like my mom..she may be one of those people that takes it off in the middle of the night. I don't know if you live with her but you might consider a baby monitor setup so you can hear when she takes off the mask. Whenever I hear that solid whooshing sound I know its off and I run over to put it right back on her.

4- Have a talk with her and make it a gentle reality check. This machine will help her sleep better, be more alert, and feel like her old self. Tell her the truth, if she can handle it. My mother knows that her years of ignoring her apnea was a catalyst in all this. She almost died due to her COPD. So I jokingly tell her if she doesn't wear it, she will die. Humor works if you have that kind of rapport.

As far as the carbon dioxide levels, yes..not wearing the mask can have a dramatic effect not only on her actions, but on her mind. As you know losing carbon dioxide affects the brain cells. My mom was initially in a nursing home before I got her home. They used to wake her up in the middle of the night to take meds and not put the mask back on her. When I would visit the next day I noticed the mask would be on the side, the machine still on and the distilled water evaporated. She also seemed out of it and that was my way of knowing she was not using the machine.

Good luck...know you are not alone. Keep me posted if any of this helps you.:)
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