She isn't perfectly fit as she was even in her late 40's she looked better than a lot of my friends in their 20's. But 62 is 62 and she still runs occasionally but seems to hide in her home

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PMAV33, I can understand how your Mom feels, I know when I look in the mirror I no longer recognize myself, plus the added weight [thanks menopause for those extra lbs].

Make-up is harder to put on, I have to give up liquid eye-liner, didn't have the steady hand for it :P And it takes twice as long to get ready in the morning.

Sounds like your Mom is no longer in the work force. That's a biggee right there. One usually feels like there is a big hole in their life. If Mom doesn't want to go back to the work she use to do, then do volunteer work. It is fantastic. You come home with a smile on your face, plus you meet people of your generation who are also doing volunteer work.
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I second the above answer. I think she may be suffering from depression. The change of life occurred and might be contributing to it. Have her evaluated. Good for you for caring for her needs!
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How very sad. Perhaps because her appearance has been a major focus in her life, socially and professionally, this is the area where her insecurities come out. It is hard to accept that 62 is not 22 or even 42.

For me, my insecurities about aging seem to center on energy level. Dang! I used to be able to get a whole lot more done in much less time! This getting older business is not all sweetness and light! I'm working my way through accepting this new normal for me. And I'll admit I've been working on it for a few years!

So perhaps this is just a normal aspect of aging your mother is going through. Or perhaps there is something else going on (such as depression, or another illness or a nutritional deficiency) and the focus just happens to be her looks.

It would be good for mom to have a complete physical. Does she do that annually? Can you encourage her to do that now?

If Mom's "new normal" is interfering with her daily functioning or her happiness, it might be worthwhile for her to consult a therapist and/or join a support group. How open do you think she would be to this?

You are very loving to be so observant and caring of your mother. Let us know how this progresses. We learn from each other!
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