Mom, 85, is perhaps midstage with dementia. She's had weekly bouts of bad diarrhea - and her ability to do even basic hygiene is slipping. I thought I had gotten her all bathed and washed and clothed after the last bout - then a few days later she asked me to adjust the time on her watch. OMG. The watch was encrusted with poop in every crook and cranny possible. I couldn't help myself - I threw the watch out (it was cheap, she's legally blind and can't read it, the band was beyond washable, and I was extremely grossed out). I bought her a new watch, which she still cannot read, and she's happy.

She now asks daily for her fancy rings to wear. The idea of having to clean poop from her rings is scary! She is wearing a simple but lovely gold band - but she wants her fancy diamond wedding ring and similar others back.

Any suggestions?

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thank you! I think I'll let her select one of her simpler rings to keep in her drawer and wear at her discretion - and suggest the chain of fancy rings to wear for special occasions. Her ring size indeed has changed!

My 'Mom care' routine already has me collecting and giving out dentures and hearing aids am/pm, maybe adding the ring to that routine could be easy to do. I'll see what she thinks.

I'll make sure to talk with her doctor at her appt next week. Till now the episodes have had obvious causes (flu, medicine change, stress) but yesterday's was without any cause I could pinpoint. Good idea to bring it up.
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What about buying some inexpensive rings with setting similar to hers, so they "feel" real to her, and then having her take them off and soaking them each night and when the need arises? It is a shame to deprive her of the simple pleasure of wearing fancy rings, but I understand where you are coming from on the sanitary concerns.

Another option is to put all her fancy rings on a chain and let her wear them around her neck. Tell her you are afraid that her finger size has changed and you want to be sure she doesn't lose a ring. (Sing the Elvis Presley song when you present the ring necklace to her.)

I hope you can find a way to give her a little pleasure without making your cleaning chores and health concerns worse.

I assume that you are also working on preventing the diarrhea episodes. Has her doctor been any help on that subject?
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