My 94-year-old mom wants to visit her mom. Should I ask if she wants to write her?


My mom is 94, legally blind and confined to a wheelchair since last October after a catastrophic fall. Her other children don't participate except for myself. Her happy place is her childhood. She constantly asks about her siblings and wants to visit her Mom, I think to clear up the past. I tell her that her Mom lives to far away. Should I ask her if she want to write to her? I could write the letter so she can get it off her mind. Mom is here for a limited amount of time as she is losing weight and her body is no longer absorbing nutrients.
Also, I am reluctant to take trips with my husband, who has issues also since I want to be there for Mom. When I visit she does not want me to leave . . . I am so torn about how to handle!
Thank you

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Thank you for sharing with me. My husband does not understand my emotional dilemma so I am going to ask the Dr to support my leaving town for a limited amount of time or if the Dr feels death is around corner I will not go anywhere. I do understand only God knows the day and the hour.
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Mareva, that sounds like a great idea having your Mom write a letter to her own Mom. And you are doing the right thing by letting your Mom think her parents and her siblings are alive. Sounds like Mom is dealing with dementia.

I had to do that with my own Mom, who also was in her 90's. After a terrible fall, Mom developed late stage Dementia. My Mom wanted to "go home", "see her Mom", "visit with her sisters". So I kept making excuses, like we will visit them next week. For some reason my Mom thought the long-term-care was a hotel in the State where she was raised, and that I had my own hotel room down the hall.

Regarding taking trips, I also didn't want to go on trips, and didn't. My gosh, how can one enjoy the trip when in the back of our minds we are worrying ourself crazy about our elderly parent(s) even if they were in senior living.
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