Told AMA discharges have to be reported to Senior Sx. After a hip fx mom was transferred to Rehab. Have been here 2 weeks. Have had a "horrible " experience so far. Fearful of safety, fell on day 2 AND ALSO contracted a UTI by day 2, missed medication, wrong medication given, poor care of incision site (RN accidentally put tape ON incision over staples & when removed it was a blood bath), and she feels like a prisoner. I have been staying 24/7 to provide/monitor her care and prevented several other mistakes. When I requested she be allowed to discharge to home with home PT/OT, and any other therapies necessary, I was told "only with the Dr OK". Her MD has had a long standing relationship with this facility and when I asked for the DC order he said he would not because the PT/OT recommendation indicates she "could" benefit from therapy for the full 4 weeks (this is how rehabs get their prime payment from Medicare). I plan on having home therapy (PT/OT, nursing care etc) and asked for these to be arranged and ordered. Even after sharing all the other "issues and concerns" he still refused to order discharge. Said I could take her home only AMA.
Then to be "threatened" with "We're required to contact Senior Services in these cases". Then to be looked at "insultingly" when I voiced my disgust, and questioned (like a criminal) "Why, is that a problem?"
Mom is so disgusted with this place and just wants to go home. Me too!

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Contact the surgeon who performed the fracture surgery, explain the situation and state that you want to move your mother to another facility. Ask if the surgeon will write a letter of support in the event Medicare challenges it.

This is exactly what I did when I had to move my father after a few days stay revealed hidden problems which I missed on my tour. The orthopedic surgeon wrote a letter for Medicare, I cleared it with the Administrator at the alternate facility, Dad was transferred there by ambulance and everything went well from there.

But make sure that you inspect a different facility and are comfortable before moving your mother.

If anyone threatens again to report you, you can let them know AFTER you've moved mom out that you've been documenting all the defects in their care. But don't tell them what you'll do about it.
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OH MY do not take her out of there only two weeks after a hip fracture. Falls can happen anywhere. She must NOT get out of bed without pushing the call button and waiting for help. Avoid the AMA removal, your insurance company may not pay her bill. Call your healthcare insurance provider for help, they don't like paying for poor care and have a lot of clout.
Yes, social services must be notified and they will check the home to make sure she is on one floor and that the tub and toilet are accessible. Too many patients have been taken home to conditions far less safe than a rehab.
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Would you consider sending her to another rehab facility instead of home? I wonder if the doctor would approve that? I'd look into that. You might be biting off more than you can chew, bringing her home so early in the rehab process, I don't know...
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