Mom lives part time with me and part time with my sister. She loves people and wants to be around people. She gets around pretty good with a cane and a walker. She had a stroke and 4 aneurysms. She is 79. My sister lives in PA and I live in DE. Do I find out what is available in both states? What information do I need from my Mom? She doesn't have a lot of money, but I would rather use what little money she has now to get her into a decent place.
I need to know where to start. Who do I call?
Assisted Living is expensive, I don't think she can afford that. So what should I look into next?
Thanks for your help.

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Your mom's health suggests that most assisted living facilities wouldn't be prepared for the care she needs.

As Everirishlass suggested, I'd just ask her which state she prefers. Does she have more friends in one area than the other?

It sounds like your mom will be able to pay for awhile and then will go on Medicaid when her money runs out. Try to find a place that will let her stay in the same room when she goes from private pay to Medicaid.

Touring homes is good. Since your mom really enjoys people, take her along for the tours if that's possible. The peer interaction could be the best thing that could happen to her. Just put the Zip codes you want into the search box and click. You may want to look online for several Zip codes if you are looking at large cities.

If you find one you like, you can contact the long-term-care ombudsman for that home and ask any questions you want. Just go to and type in the facility's Zip code.

You can go to and click on nursing home compare. That will give you a starting point. Also, of course, agingcare has a nursing home search. as well.

Good luck with your search. I hope you find a nice place for your mom and that she thrives!
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Does your mom now live in PA? Does she wish to stay in PA? Or would your mom like to move to DE? Before you start making any decisions you first have to pin down where your mom would like to live geographically. Once that's decided you can find nursing homes in that area and begin to tour the ones you want to look at.
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