Bank (mtg) fairly understanding, don't think solar company will be on 20 yr contract. My 81-year old mother has always had great credit. She thought she would be living in her home (2 story and huge) forever. My dad died a few years ago, and she signed lease with a solar company. She moved into AL and had to walk away from her house. The bank sounds understanding, but solar company said "she signed a contract!" Wondering if there's anyone who has had to deal with something similar and what they did. My sister has POA.

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Check to be sure they have not filed a lien.
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My mother had been showing signs of dementia, but she hadn't been officially diagnosed yet. A huge wake up call was when she signed contracts (without having any understanding of what she was signing) for solar panels, which included financing through the company. I got a call from a neighbor asking me if I was aware of any of this. I wasn't -- it wouldn't have occurred to my mother to contact me or inform me. I got that phone call at work, and tried not to freak out. The solar company told me exactly what it told you, and I told them they would hear from my attorney (I don't have an attorney).
My boss, thanks to her level head, recommended I call our company's EAP and let them know I would need an attorney for this matter. If you have this resource, give them a call. Otherwise, do a quick search for attorney's in your area, and ask them if they'd charge a flat fee for a cease and desist letter. Have it drawn up, and mailed/faxed/emailed to the solar company.
It was hugely stressful, and it cost us about $450, but it did the trick. The solar company just disappeared, thank goodness.
Good luck!
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