My Mom has always been a very hateful woman. Are there any cultural reasons for her behavior?


My mother at 72 is now , an has always been an evil person. I am shocked that no one has come up with a way to press charges to indict people like my mother.

She tells me " you can't prove anything that goes on here" how's that for being bold.

She goes to the doc every week for something; bug bite cuz she had diabetes, foot doc, heart doc, vacations in the ER having them run tests only for nothing to be wrong with her .

She is a greedy, selfish. , jealous , vile , backstabbing
Loser who is not an alcoholic or drug addict.

My Dad said his hand was forced to marry her.
She told me that she the docs said she couldn't have kids and was surprised when I came along.

She meddles in my life and starts arguments with me every morning before I go to work while my 54 yr old brother sleeps til noon at which time he rises to look at porn on the internet for the rest of the day while eating my food. My brother is creepy and I am not even kidding. He eats feces and spreads it in the shower . I've gotten sick I believe from his sick brhavi or. I am 54 and was married going to grad school til my mother told my husband I was schizophrenic then boom he divorced me quick .i was married 30 yrs. my mother had my younger brother committed to an as a schizophrenic were he spent 10 yrs of his life. Now at 39 he fears her.

Both my brothers have no kids.
My oldest daughter graduated from med school so mother told the whole family not to come to the graduation. Why!

There are too many events that she has had a hand in that I think are just cruel and malicious.

A woman in the street came up to me and told me that my mother is a trouble maker

My mother tries to go find this woman to probably tell her that I am crazy I bet.

When I was in hospital when I was married my mother kept my husband away from me .

So many things

She's not ill she's perfectly healthy
She finds people who are dying of cancer and befriends them for done reason.

My mother did not ever go to primary school, high school or college but she tells people she's a mental health doctor and gives her opinion out as medical advice . That had to be illegal.

Anyway, I will not take care of her in her declining years because she has stolen me and my brothers inheritance so I'm sure she's planned for it .

I need advice on how to get the authority to jail her,

I am shocked at how she lies and gets away with it.
She's not narcissistic or suffers from personality disorder or any of that because she is aware of those conditions and doesn't mind telling me casually that " I I'm coming down with ( name a mental illness ) "
and laughs

Anyway I know I sound mean but I am telling the truth and she is so sure and certain that no one will believe me when I tell all about her

I was told to start telling so here I begin

Somebody HELP !

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Take care of yourself - get help, move out and keep away from this toxic woman permanently - it's called going no contact. And it can be a lifesaver in extreme situations. When you've been abused lifelong you feel glued into a situation, whereas in reality, there is no prison - the doors are wide open for you and taking care of this woman is not an obligation you need worry about. Filial responsibility laws exclude abused children and if, and when, your mother should not be able to take care of herself, then let the state step in and do it.
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AbusedAdult, My first thought was why on earth are you living with this evil woman? But I think I have learned the answer in the years I've been on this forum. Growing up in a dysfunctional, abusive situation is debilitating. You stay on because you are emotionally handicapped. Not Your Fault ... but something you need to work on fixing.

Pam gave you great advice.
1) Move out!
2) Get therapy that includes counselling and
3) also includes medications.

You had no control over your childhood. You do have control now. Use it.
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Just curious, what does culture have to do with your question?
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Abused Adult: You move out and you don't look back. And you get some serious counseling to unload a mountain of anger. Get some good medications to alleviate your obsession and anxiety.
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She is focusing on herself. Try to get her to volunteer at library, go to adult day care. Volunteer at animal shelter, something for her to focus on someone or something else. I don't know what happened in her chldhood.
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One more thing, she is in her 70's she is not going to change. She will most likely get a bit worse. Here comes the storm....
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Get out find a womans shelter, call social services, get up and get away. When we were born, no one promised us what kind of life we will have or what inheritance we will get. Forget the inheritance, find a path to help you. City hall, Hospice, shelters, salvation army, local food banks, adult retirement homes, home services, meals on wheels. google and find out what you can do. Put some distance between you and mom for awhile.. good luck.
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I apologize for offensive terms by the truth is what it is concerning my brother I'm no bigot.

I guess I need to know

How do I care for and evil woman?

Should I even care for an evil woman?

I ask because I wonder if doing the right thing even matters.
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Flyer, I suspect there may be certain words that trigger an Admin review, and the politically incorrect one might have done that.
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GardenArtist, I see the administrators had cleaned up the post that AbusedAdult had written. Wow. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
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