I have to watch her like a hawk!

Mom had a recliner. I had an old baby crib protector. You know, the ones that were flannel on the outside and rubber inside. I used that on the seat of Moms chair. It was big enough to tuck down the back and sides. If she had an accident, all I had to do was wash it.
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The “ewww” factor on this one is pretty high. It’s not possible for you to reason with her because she won’t understand. Hiding food in pockets and furniture is common among those with dementia, that doesn’t make it any more acceptable. She does wear Depends?

try having her eat only at the table in an unupholstered chair where she can’t shove anything down between the cushions. Don’t give her snacks or meals in a chair with cushions. If she protests, tell her if she wants to eat, this is where she must sit.
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