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If mom's income is too high, like she gets $3000 a month combined SS and pension, an experienced elder care attorney can set up what is called a Miller Trust in which the excess income goes into a pooled trust.
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A few more details would be helpful in providing an answer for you.

Is Mom in need of full time nursing care that would require her to be placed in a nursing home? If so, she will qualify for Medicaid once they establish her spend-down. When you say her income is too high to qualify, is it just her Social Security income we're talking about here, or does she have retirement accounts, rental income, royalties, or excessive income from other sources?

What will happen is this:
If Mom needs to go into a nursing home permanently, she will be required to spend down any excess income or assets until she does qualify for Medicaid. The excess money can be used to private pay for her care until it is exhausted - at which time you can apply for Medicaid for her, because the cost of the nursing home care will be enough to qualify her for Medicaid in most cases. Once she has only $2,000 per month in assets (not including her home and 1 car), she will qualify, but will be required to pay almost all of her SS income to the nursing home as a "patient pay" portion. She will be allowed to keep a very small portion of her income (about $60 per month) for incidental personal purchases.
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