My mother was diagnosed w/mild dementia last year. She takes meds when she feels like it (not consistent). Her doctors have scolded her about this. I am very angry and frustrated. I bought her a pill organizer, tried giving her the meds myself, etc. I am very annoyed and frustrated with her that I have stopped nagging her. My family lives in another state and I am her caregiver and currently living with her but I am ready to move out. I am stressed out! Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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I can relate as I had this problem with my MIL. She hated pills and even before dementia; she would not take what she was supposed to take and therefore suffered the consequences. However, once dementia took over - it was 10 times worse and I had to step in.

She finally had to come to live with us. She comlained every single day about the pills, how she hated them, what are they for....on and on and on. I had to explain each time I gave her the pills (which was 3 times per day) what they were for and why she needed them. I explained that if she won't take the eyedrops, she would go blind - not taking other pills could cause her to have heart attack or stroke. These were basic truths and the thought of becoming bedridden, etc. was what got her into taking the pills. It was nerve racking, but I persevered. She actually ended up having a peaceful passing which I am sure was partly due to my perseverence about taking the pills.

I empathize with your stress and frustration - been there - not easy. But maybe if you emphasize the alternatives of NOT taking the pills, she will be more receptive. Expect that she will complain which she will - but you will be glad to know you did all that you could. Hugs to you and hang in there. Take care.
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