My Mom thinks we say things we do not say with hateful looks in our eyes, She imagines this to be truth and says we are lying. Is this normal for an 89 yr. old?

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I have minor auditory hallucinations, like hearing the phone ring at the other end of the house. I check and it's not ringing, but I still hear it in the distance.

Try to reassure her, and try to be funny if you can. "Mom, I would never say that you should just go away and die. I would say that you have no fashion sense, or that you have too many cats, but I don't want you to die and I would never say that."

Also, try to talk to her feelings. "Mom, of course I love you. I will take care of you and keep you safe. Are you worried about something? Do you think we don't want you here? Well, sometimes it's hard, and I might get a bit crabby, but I love you and want you here."

Act interested, not defensive. "What else did you hear me say? Why do you think I would say that?"

All you need is love. Don't I wish that was true.
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Is she hard of hearing, or are you assuming she has auditory hallucinations?
My husband, who is sane has terrible hearing problems and I tell him constantly that he is living a different reality than mine. I look forward when we can afford decent hering aids for him.
In the meantime, I try to make sure I am standing in front of him and he can see me as I speak to him. You might try the same thing. And take her for a hearing test.
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