It was traumatic for her and could've spared her the whole thing if they would've listened and moved her. They moved her to a new room shortly after she was adjusting and that's what started it.

My mother thought her roommate was a man as well and she became physical with her. The assistant Director of Nursing rearranged rooms and put my mom in a room by herself. My mom had a history of not liking her roommates and she could be verbally abusive to them as well. I think if my mom had ever slapped someone again, she would have been sent to be evaluated.

I was always notified of everything that went on with my mom; every medication change, whenever she fell, anything that went on with her.

If things are going on without your knowledge or approval, call a Care Conference. Insist that anyone who has contact with your mom be there. Ask why you weren’t notified when she was sent to the psychiatric hospital. You have a right to know.
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I'm so sorry this happened

mom's memory care only sends out on a psych hold if someone is really out of control - and if they deem a psychiatric emergency

I hope your mom is adjusting and isn't overly medicated
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I am surprised that they didn't get your permission. This is not unusual for a Dementia patient.
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