She is a Christian but her sickness makes her say bad things! She is Schizophrenic and she hears people talking to her and thinks her diabetic wound is cause by her arch enemies! She dont take meds bec she thinks its poison. She is home now after bing in a rehab home for recovering of bad diabtic wound. I dont nwo what to do with her. Im afraid she will have to go back. They sent her home without sample meds (metformin, silverdine for wound she needs badly) She don't have medicaid and we are going back soon to get that. I wish I working This economy is the culprit. I now have two masters degrees while I was taking care of mom these past four years!
Thanks !

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You are right. It is her sickness that makes her say bad things. Don't be concerned about her soul -- her behavior is not fully under her control.

Applying for Medicaid as soon as possible is appropriate. There are benefits available even if you are able to keep her at home.

Paranoia as a part of mental illness is particularly difficult. Many times these people would be more comfortable and higher functioning if they took their medications, but often they won't take take the meds because they think they are poison. Without the meds they become more paranoid. It is a very sad vicious circle.

Your Mom may have to go into a care center where they have the training and experience and round-the-clock staff to deal with her particular illnesses. Perhaps if they can get her on a regular schedule of medications she could come back and live with you, at least as long as she stays on the drugs. Perhaps with the help of a social worker at the hospital you could find an appropriate sheltered group home for her.

Best wishes as you deal with these issues and look for work.
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