A visit with my moms Dr. today really took me by surprise, with completly taking her off Namenda and Aricept. He said, with her having no changes, he recommended she no longer continue taking these med's. He did, however, continued her taking depression med's. What is going to happen to my mom now?

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Krazy8s, how long was your mother on both drugs? Did they ever seem to help?
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What is going to happen to Mom now? Maybe nothing. Maybe some noticeable changes. Watch closely and report to the doctor.

I think it unfortunate that both meds were discontinued at the same time. If there is a change, how will you know which med change is responsible? My husband's neurologist would never have changed more than one drug at a time. Is this doctor a specialist?

In any case, those drugs do typically stop being effective after a period of time -- but not always. We took my husband off of aricept (after being on it 9 years) when he went on hospice -- and then concluded it was still helping him and added it back in. So much is trial-and-more-trial when figuring out drugs for dementia patients.

Just keep an eye on Mom and record any changes, to discuss with the doctor. It may well be that you won't notice any changes and that the drugs have not really been doing anything for some time. If that is the case, then it is nice that Mom has a couple less pills to take.
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