My mother is on a fixed income & is eligible for Medicaid. She has been up north for over a year, but I could not get her to change her address for Social Security or any medical or legal business. Now she is semi-catatonic & I have no legal standing to do anything for her. We are probably screwed. However it is crucial for her to see a doctor. I was going to take her yesterday, after I got someone to sit with the disabled lady I care for, but as I was getting my mother ready for the ambulance, the lady I care for became very ill & she got into the ambulance instead. Today she passed away. I am still with my mother & feel very anxious about the legal & the money situation. I have no assets myself, as of right now, although I am named in the will of the lady who passed on. Please help. I'm overwhelmed.

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So call another ambulance and get Mom to the ER too. Bring all her medications and MD information. She will have Medicare in any state. She just won't have Medicaid. Do NOT sign responsibility for her bills, write POA after your name.
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also please don't forget hospitals offer financial assistance, even if you don't need it at the time of service. hospitals bill quickly, it would be smart to call and ask for a financial assistance application now because billing usually does not stop eventho you filed an application for financial assistance. er visits sometimes go hand in hand with "ancillary" services, meaning you will get a separate bill for er physician, and any radiology reading charges. not signing is VERY smart. when you sign consent to treat, that means consent to bill. good luck.
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Does your mother have Medicare? Medicare is federal, so it will cover no matter where you are in the US. There is often a copay from the ER and for the ambulance. Perhaps what is left of the supplementary insurance will cover a good bit of this.

If you have your mother taken to a state-owned hospital it will be better. It sounds like your mother does need to go into the hospital, then maybe into a nursing facility since she is semi-catatonic. Someone at the nursing facility should help you apply for Medicaid. You're not screwed. You just need some help. The people in the hospital and nursing facility could be the best ones to provide the help.
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You should take your mother to the er. You have no obligation to pay for her care. Just don't sign as the responsible party. The soci workers at the hospital will help you. Call 911
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