Mom with dementia went to rehab after surgery. Insurance for rehab ended but was not safe to send her home. We had community Medicaid, now rehab applied for skilled nursing Medicaid, but she is in limbo. They do not have a Medicaid bed in their skilled nursing, she is staying in the rehab unit which is totally inappropriate for her, we cannot move her because her case is pending, and she just got bill for the time that has gone beyond insurance. She is going to be interviewed by an assisted living, but if she is accepted, what happens to the rehab costs for this interim time period...assisted living falls under community Medicaid. Not sure she will pass AL interview and has grown more confused in rehab unit, so all may be for naught, but still concerned.

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Thanks for your reply! she was in limbo on the rehab unit and not enough interaction. She does not watch tv, she just wants to talk to people, and will do projects. They will bring her to activities and today they said they are moving her to a skilled nursing unit, though not specifically a memory care unit, will see how it goes.

Doesn't sound like AL will work. They are telling me she goes into other peoples rooms, and wanders constantly. She made it to the main entrance and out the door. I think like so many people here find, she was not great before all this occurred, but she is so confused and disoriented now, it really pushed her over the edge.
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DO not pay the bill with your money. Give it another month. The rehab will not have a discharge location. Do not offer your home. Things will work out. Why do you feel that rehab is inapprpriate? Private pay facilities usually provide great care at a better staffing ratio.
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